Calibre Academy - Primary Section

In order to provide education that can be seamlessly integrated with international systems, the classrooms in the primary section have been replaced by one specific learning station for every subject. Consequently, we have literacy, a numeracy, an environmental science, a computer and an ICT lab. A lot of emphasis is laid on acquisition of life skills .Children imbibe skills from activities selected for them according to their age groups. The children are thus taught the art of applying what they learn into real life situations. We have a well stocked library which caters to the children of age groups 4 to 15.

The infrastructure in this school provides a platform to pursue interests in art, visual art, music and dance. A well designed indoor gymnasium takes care of the physical well being of these bright young children.

The stage is thus set to foster the right mind set for harmonious student interaction with family and society.

Calibre Academy - Middle Section

Calibre Academy International School started its Secondary Division during the academic year 2009 - 2010 to accommodate classes from VI - VIII. It expanded to include class IX in the year 2010 - 2011 and went on to add Class X. The school is affiliated to the International Edexcel curriculum, UK. The General Certificate of Secondary Education or GCSE is an international curriculum that blends seamlessly into the Indian syllabus. This move is a step forward to enable students to compete with students from others streams, when it comes to procuring college admissions and, prepare them with better life skills to be successful global citizens. The school, from the year 2013 - 2014 extends GCE curriculum offering the streams of Humanities & Law, Commerce and Media. General Certificate for Education (GCE) AS & A Levels is for students aged 16-18 and equivalent to classes 11 and 12 in India. Students can then move on to universities in India or UK for further education. In India, GCE - 'O' level and GCE - 'A' level of Edexcel is recognized by AIU (All India Universities) as equivalent to +2 stage qualification of an Indian Board giving access to the bachelor degree programs at all Indian Universities.

The Curriculum and the teaching methodology will be a blend of the proven and well appreciated Calibre system and the syllabi that supports what the International curriculum has to offer. The school continues to strive to make the education of the child deeper, more meaningful, and enjoyable and geared towards securing admissions into good colleges both in India and abroad to pursue their chosen fields resulting in lucrative career options. Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire said William Butler Yeats. We at Calibre firmly believe that the UK Curriculum will ignite a spark in each student. We want each student to become a well-rounded, independent and confident young man and woman.

A plethora of activities on a wide range of themes and the development of our international relationships with various schools abroad will ensure a fulfilling and effective educative experience for our children. Calibre will take the student's education beyond mere academics and forge promising individuals with exposure to and training in life skills. This will equip the students with the necessary skills, for students to flourish in the real world and keep up our promise of creating happy, knowledgeable, proactive and responsible global citizens .It is towards this that Calibre Academy International school offers French /Spanish /German as Second Language besides Tamil/Hindi /Sanskrit.