Pre-School & Nursery

The Pre-school program focuses on the over all development of the child, as an individual so that his social, emotional, cognitive and physical needs can be honed to their maximum. It has successfully applied an educational philosophy which emphasizes the importance of how children develop and learn, as well as what they learn which has been proven extremely effective as can be seen in children who have passed through the program in the previous years. There is emphasis on a nurturing, learning environment and the roles played by the teacher and the family in the child's life. One of the main focuses of The Calibre Academy is teaching the child how to learn and instilling curiosity so the student continues to learn and develop throughout his/her life.

These goals are achieved by path breaking innovations like Interactive Computer Technology with large Touch Screens, Activity Labs, Specialized Play Areas and other unique features.

Our children are enthusiastically engaged in the joy and fun of learning through Learning by Doing. Our dedicated staff facilitates this process, which requires active thinking and experimenting by the child to find out how things work and to learn first hand about the world we live in.

A typical day will include organized time for both individual and group experiences. The day is planned to provide a balance of activities in consideration of the child's total daily experience. Each class has both playtime as well as class time in our specially designed learning stations. Special activities involving thinking skills, music/movement and story telling further enrich the programme. Typical experiences include circle time, art exploration and life skills and a variety of literacy experiences. Dramatic play and block play also encourage each child's social development and imagination.