2006-07 Happenings

Happenings 2006 - 2007

Happenings 2006 - 2007

The academic year of 2006-2007 is the year of inception of our school but if one casts an eye on what our school has achieved in this one year one would definitely not label it as an infant school.

There has been no looking back since the day we had our Homam on June 1st 2006, invoking the blessings of all the gods to help us in our new venture. The orientation programme held for the parents of our tiny tots with Mrs. Aparna Vidyanath, a child counselor and Dr.Jayam, pediatrician, attached to Vijaya Hospital addressing the audience, was a hit with all of them.

There has been no dearth of visitors from abroad wanting to see our school and interacting with our school children. We had a couple of teachers from the Beauchamp College in U.K. followed by three Principals of reputed schools in Singapore whose main purpose of visit was to observe the way English language and mathematics were taught in the Primary classes. The Dance Troupe from The Kantharuby Dance Academy in South Africa left our audience of small children breathless and mesmerized with their hypnotic beat of the drums and their vigorous dancing. We also had the Head Teacher of our partner school (The Edward Richardson primary School, Tetford), Mr. Andrew Hyde visiting us along with a colleague of his, Ms.Angela who teaches the 3rd std. children in the month of March They spent a fruitful week at the school observing, assimilating, and digesting everything around them .They even had an interactive session with the teachers as well as the students wherein they exchanged their viewpoints on the various aspects of teaching and learning that they had observed in our school.

As far as our own shores are concerned we had stalwarts in various fields such as Padma Bhushan Dr Padma Subrahmanyam, Swami Dayanand Saraswati, Dr.G.Balasubramaniam, Dr.Mrs.Vijayanthimala Bali, Mrs.Latha Rajnikanth etc visit us sometime or the other and bless us.

As far as cultural activities are concerned it was a BONANZA this year with festivals such as Nagapanchami, Onam,Pongal and Guru purab being celebrated with great fervor and gusto with both the staff and the students participating very enthusiastically. Our Sports Day and The Annual day Celebrations was attended by all the parents and VIPs such as Dr. Mrs. Y.G.P., Ms.Kanimozhi.Ms Joshna Chinappa, the squash Champion, Shri Y.G.Mahendra etc.

We also exposed the children to various aspects of nature and environment by taking them to the snake park and making them participate in a Nature walk sponsored by Air India to make people aware of the dangers facing our environment.

The children were given an opportunity to write the Australian Exam conducted by Macmillan in India and it was a proud moment for us when 3 of our students secured distinctions.

Our Correspondent and Trustee were invited to the Rashtrapati Bhavan where they met our President,Shri Abdul Kalam and apprised him of the various developments in our school After all it was His Excellency who had soft launched our school in December 2005.

With a year gone by, when one looks back, we feel like patting ourselves on our back for a GOOD job done.