In the process of learning about the various ways in which a coconut tree can be put into use the children of std.4 stumbled upon a festival unheard of and yet celebrated with great pomp and fervor called “NARIAL POORNIMA”

This festival is important for those who depend on sea for their life. On this day the Sea God, Varun is worshiped. The coconuts are offered to the Sea God thus the name Narial purnima or the coconut full moon.

It is the festival time for the people of the coastal areas. The people offer coconut to Lord Varun to invoke blessings and offer thanks giving.

For the fishermen is is the beginning of the new fishing season. The Fishermen decorate their boats, paint it new and put flags. They then carry decorated coconuts to the sea. It is kind of a community gathering there. They celebrate together, sing and dance together. In the end they worship the Sea God and offer coconut. The decorated coconuts are thrown in the water with prayers of a plentiful fish catch.

A coconut has three eyes. It is said to represent Lord Shiva, the three eyed God. Coconut is considered to be an auspicious offering to Gods. A coconut is broken in front of the deities before taking up a new venture to seek blessings and on successful completion for thanks giving. Coconut is important for all religious occasions. Thus coconut is considered to be an ideal offering to the Sea God as well. Pieces of coconut and coconut are distributed as 'prasad'. Coconut rice is the main dish on this day.

Thus was born the idea of putting up a project on “COCONUT-THE SUPER NUT” and incorporating the celebration of the festival of “NARIAL POORNIMA” into the project.

The children were divided into groups and asked to find out, how the various parts of the coconut tree was useful to us. They were asked to collect various items made out of some part or the other of a coconut. At the same time there was another group preparing for the celebration of Narial Poornima.

The project was an eye opener in many ways. It was realized that the coconut is one “NUT” which is given importance in all the states of India . From religious occasions to social events such as marriages, coconut is given the place of pride.

All this was displayed in the project, which was filmed and carried to our partner school in U.K. namely the Edward Richardson Primary School where it was highly appreciated.

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