Truth About Tigers

Screened for students of Classes V to IX on 8th June, 2010 at Calibre Academy, Royapettah.

The film ‘Truth About Tigers’ directed by Shekar Dattatri is a brilliant documentary and really a thrilling and enthralling experience. The director himself addressed the children and told them about the problems being faced by the government and wildlife experts in saving our National Animal, the tiger, from becoming extinct. The film gave a very vivid picture of the unfortunate plight these animals are in. Steps being taken by the government and the urgency to stop poaching of these tigers were also shown in the film. Children have not only been educated but have become conscious of the severity of the problem. They are ready to start a club – Save the Tiger – and through this spread awareness and help save this magnificent animal.

The Times of India Group is working in collaboration with such organisations to help save endangered species.

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