2011-12 Happenings

Story Telling Session by Ms Nirmala Raman

The LKG, UKG and Class I students of the school had a storry session with Ms Nirmala Raman a Generalist with substantial experience in conducting workshop for kids, which includes math workshop for primary school students, story telling, puppetry, cartooning. She was also part of the initial team of Newspaper in Education (NIE) of The Hindu, a national leading daily. When contacted for a session with the students of the Calibre Academy, she readily agreed. She narrated two stories to the children. She used hand puppets to portray her story so that the children got hooked to the story line. She was lucid in her style and involved students in her narration. She ensured that the students followed the narration of the story by posing questions then and now. The success of the session was evident when the children towards the close came forward and narrated the same story that was narrated by Ms Nirmala Raman. They also gave a feedback to the resource person saying that they were looking forward to meeting her in the near future.

The session was also held for the set of students of the Ekkatuthangal Branch.

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