2012-13 Happenings

BBN - Beyond Breaking News

BBN T.V. News Presentation and Production Course

Exploring the field of Media Studies - Making of the News

Calibre Academy International School is proud to feature in its column that Master Chirag a student of class X is currently undergoing a 3 weeks course for young journalists on TV News Presentation and Production termed as the BBN or Beyond Breaking News. The course- has 12 modules that familiarizes the aspiring journalists with the nuances of Making of the News like, What is News, Television Teams working modalities, scripting, Interviews etc. After the completion of the modules the students have hands on experience in a fully equipped studio. The students on completion of the course stand a fair chance to be seen on Sahara One, Topper TV, Spacetoon Kids TV and www.iceplx.tv.

Chirag’s admission into this proves that Education is not the filling of a pail, but the lighting of a fire and we are proud that the grounding offered at Calibre Academy paves way for the student to become a well-rounded, independent and confident young man and woman. Master Chirag had always been showing interest in photography, editing and creating films. He as a member of the Intach club has created many films and had brought laurels to the school by winning awards under various categories. He was bestowed with the Calibrean Special award for his outstanding contribution in the field of photography and Design

Those calibreans who are interested and would want to explore the field that Master Chirag has ventured into may log on to www.iceplx.tv for further details