Primary School

Art & Craft Lab - Haritha with her team of young artists in the Art and Craft lab
Art & Craft Lab - The Art and Craft lab
Art & Craft Lab - Not only the students, but the teachers also work hard in our school.
Computer Lab - The future Narayanamurthys at work in the Computer Lab.
Computer Lab - The well equipped computer lab of our school.
EVS Lab - The History of Civilization! The EVS lab.
EVS Lab - Feel and Learn - The EVS lab
EVS Lab - In the "lap" of nature! The picturesque EVS lab.
EVS Lab - The attractive EVS / Science lab of our school.
EVS Lab - Wow! So that's what we are made of??!! A scene from the E.V.S./ Science lab.
First Aid Room - The First Aid room in our school.
Gym - Working on his biceps!!!! Children in the Indoor gym.
Gym - The "Spider" children at work!!! (Indoor gym)
Gym - Sitting Pretty atop the ladder ! (Indoor gym)
Gym - "Me Tarzan! You Jane?" (The indoor gym)
Gym - The "Janes"of our school in action at the gym. Of Course, the "Tarzans" cannot be far behind!
Gym - Trying to strike a balance between the physical and the mental!!! (At the indoor gym)
ICT Lab - The ICT Lab
ICT Lab - A soft touch makes so much of a difference!!! The Touch screen SMART Board in the ICT Lab.
ICT Lab - ICT Lab
Literacy Lab - "The cow jumped over the moon and the little dog laughed to see that". Puppetry in the Literacy Lab.
Literacy Lab - ---"And that was the end of the big bad wolf!" Puppet Theatre in progress.
Literacy Lab - Learning Spellings was never so interesting!!!
Literacy Lab - Learning was never such a pleasant experience!!!
Literacy Lab - Listening was never so interesting!!!! The Listening Corner in the Literacy lab
Literacy Lab - The activity section of the Literacy Lab.
Literacy Lab - Activity Corner in the Literacy lab.
Literacy Lab - Lets see what the parrot told the rabbit, eh?
Literacy Lab - The Writing Corner of the Literacy lab.
Literacy Lab - The Puppet Theatre!
Numeracy Lab - An interesting mathematics class in progress in the NUMERACY Lab.
Numeracy Lab - The Numeracy lab
Play Area - The playground
Reception - The Reception Desk - the face of our school. Mrs.Sarla.
Staff Room - A place to unwind--- The staff lounge.
Story Room - Story Time-the tiny tots listening with rapt attention!
Activity - "Puzzle Time". Activity Room
Toilet - WOW! Mowgli and Baloo in the toilet!!!